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Monday to Friday: 3.00 am - 1.00pm

Saturday: 4.00am - 1.00pm

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Option to collect your equipment after 7:00pm the day before
The 7th day is free, on demand in your ski hire shop

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Ski rental Breckenridge

Breckenridge consists of four mountain peaks in the Ten Mile Range and provides a multitude of options for expert skiers and eager beginners. Whether you want steep chutes, wide open bowls or terrain parks, Breckenridge gives you all you want and more spanning 2358 acres (954 ha). Breckenridge is home to the Imperial Express, North America's highest chairlift at 12840 feet (3914 m). As well, Breckenridge has a vertical rise of 3398 (1036 m) and a summit elevation of 12998 feet (3963 m).


The BreckConnect now provides accessibility between the town and mountain. With the rugged and striking landscape, Breckenridge offers striking views as you ski or snowboard from peak-to-peak.

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Equipment and Ski Hire in Breckenridge!

Skiset makes booking equipment online effortless. Your reservation is distributed to one of our Breckenridge shops and is prepared in advance for your arrival. Skiset offers the most up to date equipment and popular choices among locals and instructors. Skiset offers ski and snowboard packs to both adults and children... so there is something for everyone close to your destination at Breckenridge resort.

Skiset makes the commitment to offer conveniently located shops at Breckenridge and top of the line equipment prepared before your arrival. Don't hesitate in choosing the market leader for your next Winter holiday at Breckenridge.

Personalized service at Breckenridge!

At each of our shops in the Breckenridge resort, you will be welcomed by friendly professionals who are passionate about the mountains and dedicated to helping you become confident in your rental decision. In our Breckenridge shops, our renowned skiers and instructors can advise you on equipment packs and snow conditions at Breckenridge.

Skiset makes a commitment to guide and facilitate our customers to feel confident in any decision regarding their Winter holiday in Breckenridge.

Skiset prepares you for the slopes of Breckenridge !

Skiset has been outfitting skiers and riders with equipment for almost 20 years at Breckenridge thanks to our team of professionals in resorts throughout Europe and North America.

The rental process is quick and easy. Skiset offers over 800 shops in 400 resorts in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, The United States and Canada, all close to attractions and accommodations, namely at Breckenridge. Choose within the network of shops at Breckenridge by using our Breckenridge maps and choose the dates you wish to hire ski equipment during your stay.